ReviveX Boot Cleaner and Conditioner 4 oz. (120ml) 鞋類清潔劑

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防水靴子是讓您的雙腳快樂的最佳方式。 然而您亦需要使用 Revivex Boot and Shoe Cleaner 好好清潔你的防水鞋。

需要清潔最髒、最髒的鞋子和靴子嗎? GEAR AID 的 Revivex 靴子和鞋子清潔劑可以勝任這項任務。 無論您的登山靴到過哪裡,無論您的越野鞋經歷過怎樣的折磨,這款特殊的皮革清潔劑都能清除污垢,露出它們昔日的美貌。 它用途廣泛,足以清潔由皮革、織物或 GORE-TEX® 製成的越野跑鞋、徒步鞋和靴子。 而且它集中清潔的靴子數量是其他品牌的三倍。

現在,使用 Revivex 靴子和擦鞋器,您所有辛勤工作的髒鞋都可以看起來像新的一樣。 在使用 Revivex water repellent treatments 之前使用它。

‧ 濃縮靴鞋清潔劑
‧ 清潔靴子次數是其他品牌的 3 倍威力
‧ 防水透氣布料安全
‧ 務必在使用 ReviveX 防水處理前使用
‧ 去除皮靴、登山鞋等的污垢和污垢
‧ 美國製造


Waterproofing your boots is the best way to keep your feet happy. But first you should prep and clean boots with Revivex Boot and Shoe Cleaner.

Need to clean your dirtiest, grimiest shoes and boots? GEAR AID's Revivex Boot and Shoe Cleaner is up to the task. No matter where your hiking boots have been, no matter what torture you’ve put your trail shoes through, this special leather cleaner will cut through the crud to reveal their former good looks. It’s versatile enough to clean trail running shoes, hikers and boots made of leather, fabric or GORE-TEX®. And it’s concentrated to clean three times as many boots as other brands.

Now, all of your hard-working, dirty shoes can look as good as new, with Revivex Boot and Shoe Cleaner. Use it before waterproofing with Revivex water repellent treatments.

‧ Concentrated boot and shoe cleaner
‧ Cleans 3 times as many boots as other brands
‧ Safe for waterproof-breathable fabrics
‧ Always use prior to applying ReviveX water repellent treatments
‧ Removes dirt and grime from leather boots, hiking shoes and more
‧ Made in USA

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