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Grigri+ Belay Device




- 使用標準保護技術來完成餵入鬆弛和捕捉墜落,始終將手放在繩索的煞車側
- 凸輪輔助阻擋,提供更舒適的保護:當登山者跌倒或加重繩索時,繩索會收緊,使凸輪樞轉以夾緊並阻擋繩索
- 凸輪輔助阻擋為煞車側手部位置提供了餘地,無論繩索的攀爬側和煞車側之間的角度如何
- 設備內外均刻有繩索安裝圖

- 符合人體工學的手柄可讓您輕鬆解開繩索並降低人員
- 繩索進給的漸進控制提供平穩舒適的下降
- 手柄凸輪機構的 3:1 機械優勢有助於控制小直徑繩索的繩索進給,並且在處理大直徑繩索時需要更少的手柄力度

- 防恐慌手柄:如果使用者用力拉動手柄,防恐慌功能就會啟動
- 可鎖定的選擇旋鈕可讓您選擇頂繩或引線保護模式; 頂繩保護模式讓收緊鬆弛更加容易,保護更加舒適
- 與 8.5 至 11 毫米動態單繩相容,並針對 8.9 至 10.5 毫米進行了最佳化
- 不銹鋼耐磨板為密集使用提供了出色的耐用性

繩索相容性:8.5 至 11 毫米單繩
認證:CE EN 15151-1、UKCA、UIAA

對於想要多功能性的保護者! GRIGRI + 配有防恐慌手柄,特別適合學習,是一款凸輪輔助阻擋裝置,適合在健身房或室外攀爬。 選擇器旋鈕可讓使用者在兩種保護模式之間進行選擇:頂繩或引導攀爬。 經過加固,適合密集使用,可與 8.5 至 11 毫米的單繩一起使用。

Belay device with cam-assisted blocking and anti-panic handle, particularly suitable for learning and intensive use


Belay device with cam-assisted blocking, designed for the gym and crag:
- Feeding slack and catching falls are accomplished using standard belay techniques, always keeping a hand on the brake side of the rope
- Cam-assisted blocking for a more comfortable belay: when the climber falls or weights the rope, it tightens, making the cam pivot to pinch and block the rope
- Cam-assisted blocking offers leeway for the brake-side hand position, regardless of the angle between the climber side and brake side of the ropes
- Rope installation diagram engraved on both the inside and outside of the device

Comfortable and convenient when lowering:
- The ergonomic handle allows you to easily unblock the rope and lower someone
- Progressive control of rope feed provides a smooth and comfortable descent
- 3:1 mechanical advantage of the handled camming mechanism helps control rope feed on small-diameter ropes and requires less effort on the handle for large-diameter ropes

Particularly suitable for learning and intensive use:
- Anti-panic handle: if the user pulls too hard on the handle, the anti-panic function engages
- The lockable selector knob allows you to choose either top rope or lead belay mode; top-rope belay mode makes taking in slack easier and belaying more comfortable
- Compatible with 8.5 to 11 mm dynamic single ropes and optimized for those 8.9 to 10.5 mm
- Stainless steel wear plate provides great durability for intensive use

Weight: 200 g
Rope compatibility: 8.5 to 11 mm single rope
Material(s): Aluminum side plates, stainless steel friction plate, cam and wear plate, reinforced nylon handle
Certification(s): CE EN 15151-1, UKCA, UIAA

For the belayer that wants versatility! With an anti-panic handle that makes it particularly suited for learning, the GRIGRI + is a cam-assisted blocking device for climbing in the gym or outside. The selector knob allows the user to choose between two belay modes: top-rope or lead climbing. Reinforced for intensive use, it can be used with single ropes from 8.5 to 11 mm.