遠足嬰兒背架背包 Cross Country S3

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Cross Country S3 遠足嬰兒背架背包深受需要背架參加所有活動的家庭的喜愛

• 頂部把手和柔軟面墊
• 可調節、符合人體力學形狀的兒童座椅區,附 X 型扣環安全帶
• 布料玩具環及配件口袋
• 旋轉腰帶讓行走時倍感舒適
• 瓶袋及側把手
• 大底袋可存放必需品
• 重點增加了將孩子放入背帶時的穩定性
• 完全可調的背部系統


• 重量:2.5公斤(5磅8盎司)
• 容量:20公升
• 尺寸(含包裝):31 x 26 x 70cm (12¼x10⁄27½”)
• 最大負重:20公斤(44磅)
• 成人適合:1.57-1.93m (5’2”-6’4”)
• 適合年齡:6個月 - 3歲
• 適合安全:符合 BS EN 13210:2004 及 BS EN 71-3:1994 安全標準
• 玩具環:有
• 可調式靠背系統:可調節
• 附加功能:附遮陽罩

此背帶採用纖薄設計,但具有完全可調節的背部系統和兒童座椅區域等功能。 專利的 X 型扣環兒童安全帶易於佩戴且佩戴舒適。

The Cross Country S3 Child Carrier is a favourite with families who need a carrier for all events.

‧ Top grab handles and soft face pad
‧ Adjustable, anatomically shaped child seating area with x-buckle harness
‧ Fabric toy loops and accessory pocket
‧ Pivoting hip belt for comfort whilst walking
‧ Bottle pocket and side grab handles
‧ Large base pocket for essentials
‧ Anchor point adds stability when placing the child in the carrier
‧ Fully adjustable backsystem

Note for Parents
Sun Shade is included.

‧ Weight: 2.5kg (5lbs.8oz.)
‧ Capacity: 20 litres
‧ Dimensions (packed): 31 x 26 x 70cm (12¼x10¼x27½”)
‧ Max load: 20kg (44lbs)
‧ Adult fit: 1.57-1.93m (5’2”-6’4”)
‧ Suitable for ages: 6 months - 3 years
‧ Suitable for safety: Complies with BS EN 13210:2004 and BS EN 71-3:1994 Safety Standards
‧ Toy loops: Yes
‧ Adjustable backsystem: Adjustable
‧ Additional features: Sun Shade included

This carrier is a slim design but loaded with features such as the fully adjustable backsystem and child seating area. The patented x-buckle child harness is easy to put on and comfortable to wear.