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Expedition Mule 100 Holdall Au

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Dark Grey/Black

寬敞、堅固、輕便。 耐用的 Expedition Mule 100 是將貴重裝備一件一件運送到大本營的完美方式。

寬敞的空間可容納您所有必需的衣物和設備,然後只需將其塞入小包中並拉上拉鍊即可實現小型緊湊的存儲。 Expedition Mule+ 100 非常適合多日旅行,需要堅固耐用且重量極輕的手提包。 內部有一個拉鍊口袋,可讓所有物品井井有條,還有可拆卸肩帶,讓您可以將其作為背包攜帶。 非常適合攜帶穿過繁忙的城市前往機場或在最後一站到達大本營您可以使用高度耐候的面料使設備保持最佳狀態,並且即使在最擁擠的情況下,由於側面壓縮帶,它也能減少下垂。 這是確保挑戰是您的探險而不是那裡的旅程的好方法。

Spacious, strong and light. The durable Expedition Mule 100 is the perfect way to transport valuable kit to base camp in one piece.

A great cavernous space to pack all your essential clothing and equipment, then it simply tucks into a small package and zips up for small and compact storage. The Expedition Mule+ 100 is ideal for multi day trips that demand a strong, durable hold-all which is also incredibly light weight. With a zipped pocket inside to keep everything organised, there are also detachable shoulder straps which allow you to carry it as a rucksack. Perfect for carrying through a busy city to the airport or on the last leg to base camp You can keep equipment in tip top condition with the highly weather resistant fabric, and watch as even at it’s most crammed, it reduces down thanks to side compression straps. It’s a great way to make sure the challenge is your expedition, not the journey there.

Weight (approx.):1410g

  • ADAPTABLE - Height adjustable chest strap and detachable padded shoulder straps mean you can carry it like a rucksack for extra comfort moving heavy loads.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT - There when you need it, gone when you don’t. Packs away into a zipped pocket for lightweight compact storage.
  • HIGHLY WEATHER RESISTANT - Hardwearing, waterproof fabric keeps clothing and equipment safe and whilst travelling to your starting base no matter how remote.