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3Sixty Chair S

Petrol Grey
Anthracite Grey

經過一整天的遠足、爬山或只是工作,沒有什麼能比得上舒適的座椅和美景。準備好同時使用 UQUIP 的超輕 360° 轉椅。來吧!找個座位,欣賞美景。這款轉椅非常適合露營、釣魚、觀鳥、拍照或放鬆。
具有新的最先進的 360°旋轉機制,將讓您的露營體驗達到一個全新的維度!框架由先進的鋁飛機合金 (Duralumin 7001) 製成,提供舒適性和靈活性,同時保持其卓越的耐用性、強度和穩定性。堅固的 600D 聚酯纖維和加固的桿袋提供額外的支撐,並允許椅子承重 150 公斤。多虧了他們的防震繩桿,組裝起來又快又容易。

座椅 49 x 33 厘米
坐高 27 厘米
靠背高度 70 厘米
最大容量150 公斤
600D 防撕裂聚酯,鋁(Duralumin 7001
重量:約1200 克(製造商規格)
包裝尺寸:14 x 12 x 29.5 厘米


  • After a long day of hiking, climbing or just working, nothing can beat a comfortable seat and a nice view. Get ready to get both with UQUIP’s ultra lightweight 360° swivel chair. Come on! Grab a seat and enjoy the view. This swiveling chair is ideally suited for camping, fishing, bird watching, photographing, or just relaxing.
  • The Three Sixty features a new state-of-the-art swivel mechanism that will get your camping experience to a whole new dimension! Only top notch materials are used in the construction of the Three Sixty lightweight chairs. The frame, made of advanced aluminium aircraft alloy (Duralumin 7001), provides comfort and flexiblity, while maintaining their superior durability, strength, and stability. Rugged 600D polyester and reinforced pole pockets provide extra support and allow the chairs to hold up to 150 kg. Thanks to their shock corded poles, the assemblage is quick and easy.


  • Features:
  • seat 49 x 33 cm
  • sitting height 27 cm
  • backrest height 70 cm
  • capacity max. 150 kg
  • 600D Rip-Stop Polyester, aluminium (Duralumin 7001


  • Weight: approx. 1200 gram (manufacturer's specs)
  • Pack Size: 14 x 12 x 29,5 cm