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360 Adjustable Thumb & Wrist Support 360姆指護腕 - 1隻


‧ Power-Band肌力繃,高彈性貼紮+360度全方位包覆
‧ 支撐穩固拇指與手腕,提升護腕支撐力
‧ 約9公克極輕盈,服貼輕薄,穿戴舒適較無負擔
‧ 舒適透氣不易濕悶,布面採用透氣孔洞設計,加強透氣效果
‧ 碰水也可以,生活使用超便利,適用情境更全面
‧ 兼具穩固效果與日常所需的活動度,提供活動空間
‧ 與專家聯合開發!
‧ 【使用時請避免魔鬼氈黏到拇指處車縫線,收納及清洗時請先將魔鬼氈黏好】
‧ 【建議穿戴2~3小時之間暫時解開,讓穩固的部位休息10到15分鐘,避免關節與肌膚不適。穿戴時間仍可依個人需求延長或縮短】


‧ Power-Band muscle stretching, high elastic taping + 360-degree all-round coverage
‧ Support and stabilize thumb and wrist, improve wrist support
‧ Approximately 9 grams, extremely light, conformable and thin, comfortable to wear and less burdensome
‧ Comfortable, breathable and not easy to get stuffy. The fabric surface is designed with breathable holes to enhance the breathability effect.
‧ It can also be used in water. It is very convenient for daily use and can be used in more comprehensive situations.
‧ Combines the stabilizing effect with the mobility required for daily use, providing space for movement
‧ Jointly developed with experts!
‧ [Please prevent the Velcro felt from sticking to the sewing thread on your thumb when using it. Please stick the Velcro felt first when storing and cleaning]
‧ [It is recommended to temporarily untie it after wearing it for 2 to 3 hours and let the stable part rest for 10 to 15 minutes to avoid joint and skin discomfort. The wearing time can still be extended or shortened according to personal needs】

Elastic fabric: 80% nylon, 20% elastic fiber
Taping strip: 100% polyurethane