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1000 Kcal 輕量化脫水食物 Curried Beef and Rice 200g

• 重量輕且易於準備
• 高品質冷凍乾燥食品
• 裝在袋子裡 - 沒有餐具!
• 每份至少1000卡路里
• 輕裝200g包裝

Adventure Nutrition Extreme Expedition Foods,顧名思義,是每份至少含有 1000 卡路里熱量的冷凍乾燥食品。 Adventure Nutrition 以方便的包裝提供高品質、高熱量的餐點。 如果您度過了充實的一天,並且需要快速方便地攝取盡可能多的卡路里,那麼極限探險餐就適合您。

極限冒險餐點準備起來又快又簡單。 只要取出脫氧劑袋,加入350毫升熱水(可以使用冷水,但需要更長的時間才能重新水化),攪拌,關閉包裝並等待6-8分鐘。


‧ Lightweight and easy to prepare
‧ High quality freeze dried food
‧ Prepare in bag - no dishes!
‧ At least 1000 calories per serving
‧ Light 200g packages

The Adventure Nutrition Extreme Expedition Foods are, as the name suggests, freeze dried meals with at least 1000 calories per serving. Adventure Nutrition provides very high quality, very high calorie meals in convenient packages. If you have had a massive day out and need as much calories as possible quickly and conveniently the the Extreme Expedition meals are for you.

Extreme Adventure meals are quick and easy to prepare. Just remove the oxygen absorber sachet, add 350 ml of hot water (cold water can be used but will take longer to re-hydrate), stir, close the packet and wait 6-8 minutes.

Packaging may differ from image shown.