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美國防曬帽 Adventure Hat (On Sale)

African Violet
Blue Moon

“如果您想找一頂使您舒適又實用的防曬帽去進行自己喜歡的戶外活動,那麼這就是您想要的帽子。” — OutdoorGearLab

可能是地球上最知名的防曬太陽帽! 您可能不會在巴黎時裝天橋上看到它,但是您不難發現在世界各地的旅行者中看到這款 Sunday Afternoons 的原創防曬帽,他們知道如何享受防曬功能元素中度過美好的時光而不失風格。 這頂帽子的每一英寸都經過精心設計,超強功能性防曬:智能性面料,可調節的尺碼,創新功能以及防曬設計。 無論您將去到哪裡冒險,不論是徒步旅行,玩急流,還是在陽光明媚的露台上吃雪糕約會,Adventure Hat 都能滿足您的需求。

【衣物防紫外線指數 UPF 50+】

產品技術 :?
美國實驗室測試及認證 ─ 其衣物防紫外線指數 UPF 50+ 有效阻擋陽光中 98% 有害紫外線


  • 中性設計
  • 4吋特闊浮水帽邊
  • 7.5吋特長頸部遮蓋布,可摺起及固定
  • 兩旁透氣網布及額頭排汗帶
  • 背部調節及下顎調較索帶
  • 適合旅遊,消閒娛樂,園藝,皮膚康復
  • 備有M(21"-23") ,L(23"-25")碼
  • 僅重3安士 / 85克

洗滌小貼士 :

?“If you are looking for a hat that will keep you comfortably protected from the sun while doing your favorite activities, then this is the hat for you.” — OutdoorGearLab

This is it—the most recognizable sun hat on the planet! You may not see it on a Parisian runway, but you’ve seen this Sunday Afternoons original on adventurers everywhere who know how to have a good time in the elements without losing their cool. Every inch of this hat is engineered for FUNctional sun protection: smart fabrics, customizable sizing, innovative features, and a sun-conscious design. Wherever your adventures take you—trekking, running rapids, or a date with some salted caramel ice cream on a sunny patio—the Adventure Hat has you covered.

【Sun Protection at UPF50+】

Technology Features :
  • All tested by US Laboratory
  • Sun Protection at UPF50+

Product Features :
  • Uni-sex
  • 4' floatable front brim
  • 7.5' neck cape with lift-up tab
  • Ventilating mesh side panels and Integrated wicking sweatband
  • Adjustable sizing with chinstrap
  • For travel, entertainment, gardening and skin recovery
  • Size: M(21"-23") and L(23"-25")
  • Weight: 3 OZ / 85g

Washing Tips :
Please wash Sundays Afternoons products without cloth softeners