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德國旅行拖箱 Barrel Roller 105 Black


可折疊輪式包由結構化材料製成,並配有可收起的背包肩帶。 不含 PFAS 的 DWR 表面處理。


‧不含 PFC/PFAS 的 DWR 表面處理
‧收納後尺寸:41 x 36 x 14 厘米


Duffle Roller 105 提供足夠的空間容納兩到三週旅行的行李,加上別緻的外觀,並且作為一項特殊功能,在不使用時能夠將其存放在自己的蓋袋中。

堅固的材料 T-Travel Tex Melange 表面不含 PFC/PFAS。

Tatonka Duffle Roller 105 也可以作為背包攜帶,因為兩條背包肩帶存放在一個單獨的口袋中。



尺寸:84 x 34 x 30 厘米
布料 1:T-Travel Tex Melange Eco
底布:420 HD FD Eco 尼龍

Foldable wheeled bag made of structured material with stowable backpack shoulder straps. PFAS-free DWR finish.


‧Stow-away shoulder straps
‧Main compartment with compression straps
‧Compression straps for securing contents in the main compartment
‧Three handles
‧Lockable zipper slider
‧Frameless roller construction
‧Large zipper opening into the main compartment
‧Side zipper pocket
‧Mesh pocket with zip inside
‧PFC/PFAS-free DWR finish
‧Minimal packing size
‧The entire bag can be stowed in the lid compartment
‧Packing size: 41 x 36 x 14 cm


The Duffle Roller 105 offers enough space for the luggage of a two to three week trip, plus a chic look and, as a special feature, the ability to store it in its own lid pocket when not in use.

The robust material T-Travel Tex Melange has a PFC/PFAS-free finish.

The Tatonka Duffle Roller 105 can also be carried as a backpack, because two backpack shoulder straps are stored in a separate pocket.

The large opening into the main compartment makes packing a breeze, the zipper sliders can be secured against theft with a lock.


Measurements:84 x 34 x 30 cm
Volume:105 L
Weight:2,2 kg
Fabric 1:T-Travel Tex Melange Eco
Fabric bottom:420 HD Nylon FD Eco