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男裝中筒防水透氣登山鞋 Sta 103 BOA Mid GTX

Black (080)
GORE-TEX 世上首屈一指的防水透氣薄膜!
採用 GORE-TEX 防水透氣布料製造的鞋履產品高度透氣,持久防水,能夠在任何時候都保證您的乾爽舒適。由於雙腳得到了保護,您將在高活動量的戶外活動、惡劣的天氣下或者日常穿著中得到全天候的舒適感覺

美國BOA鞋帶綁定系統 BOA Lacing System
美國專利BOA鞋帶綁定系統取代了傳統的綁鞋帶形式,BOA鞋帶是由超高強度的航空用不鏽鋼絲組成BOA鋼索,最後套上耐磨的聚合物,一條魚絲般的BOA鋼絲可吊起一台電單車。韓國登山鞋專家 備有多款登山鞋採用該專利鞋帶系統,為你解決鞋帶鬆開的煩惱!

ICE-LOCK 高抓力鞋底技術
ICE-LOCK 是一項正在申請專利的技術,可顯著增加在冰面和潮濕表面上的牽引力。以微玻璃絲在橡膠中靜電排列,加上其新開發的底部輪廓形狀經過專門設計,提高了鞋底的耐用性和功能性,令它在潮濕和冰冷的表面上表現出色

HYPER GRIP創於1987年,以最尖端的技術生產最先進的鞋底,研發部擁有40多名研究人員,不斷的研究及分析環球市場趨勢。HYPERGRIP以高性能的橡膠化合物組成,結合了持久耐用及極為抓地的特性。鞋底不單有超輕重量和卓越的防滑功能,更有超強的耐磨性能


GORE-TEX World's #1 Waterproof Breathable Membrane!
Footwear made with GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable fabrics is highly breathable and durable, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times. Because your feet are protected, you'll get all-day comfort during high-activity outdoors, inclement weather, or everyday wear

BOA Lacing System BOA Lacing System
The U.S. patented BOA shoelace binding system replaces the traditional form of tying shoelaces. BOA shoelaces are composed of ultra-high-strength aviation stainless steel wires. BOA steel cables are finally covered with wear-resistant polymers, a fish-like BOA steel wire. A motorcycle can be hoisted. The Korean mountaineering shoe expert has a variety of mountaineering shoes that use the patented shoelace system to solve the trouble of loosening the shoelace for you!

ICE-LOCK high-grip sole technology
ICE-LOCK is a patent-pending technology that significantly increases traction on ice and wet surfaces. Electrostatically arranged in the rubber with micro-glass filaments, coupled with its newly developed bottom profile shape specially designed to improve the durability and functionality of the sole, making it perform well on wet and icy surfaces

HYPER GRIP superior non-slip sole
Founded in 1987, HYPER GRIP produces the most advanced shoe soles with the most cutting-edge technology. The R&D department has more than 40 researchers, constantly researching and analyzing global market trends. HYPERGRIP is composed of a high-performance rubber compound that combines durability and extreme grip. The sole not only has ultra-light weight and excellent anti-slip function, but also has superior wear resistance

Upper: Waterproof Synthetic, Waterproof Air Mesh
Sole: HYPER GRIP rubber