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西班牙製中性羊毛襪兩對裝 Unisex Ski-Snowboard Merino Blend 2-Pack Combo

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T2 滑雪羊毛襪,西班牙製造,一PACK兩對,不同款式,一般滑雪適用


‧ 採用上乘的美麗諾羊毛 (Merino Wool) 作為原材料
‧ 具備天然排汗透氣且抗臭的優越功能,而且不刺激皮膚
‧ 普通羊毛的透氣度一直遭人詬病,而透氣度不足會使用家的汗水停留在皮膚和物料之上,大大降低其保暖效能;反之美麗諾羊毛就具備天然排汗透氣的功能,其能給予用家的舒適感實在非一般羊毛可以媲美,因而備受一眾用家的肯定!
‧ 採用多重密度編織法,把貼身度昇華,利用編織技術準確控制紗線的密度及張力,如在腳底加強密度、厚度,增加舒適及保護,在腳面使用細緻及開放式織法,使更貼身、更透氣
‧ 揉合超彈性尼龍 Lycra® ,大大提高耐用度
‧ 無縫襪頭設計,不再有重疊突出的縫合位,使襪頭份外舒適
‧ 西班牙製造

M - US Man 7.5-9.5 / US Woman 9-11 / EU 39-42 / UK 6-8
L - US Man 10-12.5 / US Woman 11.5+ / EU 43-46 / UK 8.5-12

T2 ski wool socks, made in Spain, one pack, two pairs, different styles, suitable for general skiing

Application: winter/snow sports
Length: wraps full calf

‧Using high-quality Merino Wool as raw material
‧ Has the superior function of natural perspiration, breathable and anti-odor, and does not irritate the skin
‧ The air permeability of ordinary wool has been criticized, and insufficient air permeability will cause the sweat of the user to stay on the skin and materials, greatly reducing its thermal insulation performance; on the contrary, merino wool has the function of natural perspiration and ventilation, which can provide The comfort of the user is really comparable to that of ordinary wool, so it has been affirmed by many users!
‧ Adopt multi-density weaving method to sublimate the fit, and use weaving technology to accurately control the density and tension of the yarn, such as enhancing the density and thickness on the sole of the foot to increase comfort and protection, and using the meticulous and open weaving on the foot surface to make it more close to the body , more breathable
‧ Kneading super elastic nylon Lycra®, greatly improving durability
‧Seamless toe design, no longer overlapped protruding seams, making the toe very comfortable
‧ Made in Spain

M - US Man 7.5-9.5 / US Woman 9-11 / EU 39-42 / UK 6-8
L - US Man 10-12.5 / US Woman 11.5+ / EU 43-46 / UK 8.5-12