皮鞋專用防水護理霜 Conditioning Cream

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滋養和保護您的防水透氣皮鞋。所有皮鞋應定期保養,Berghaus防水護理霜專門為此目的而配製。推薦用於 GORE-TEX 和 Berghaus AQ防水系列皮革鞋類,它具有防水效果,不會影響靴子的透氣性。它易於塗抹,可深入皮革鞋面,增長戶外皮鞋的使用壽命。

特徵 :

  • 提升防水度 - 滋養你的靴子,以改善水的保護和透氣性。
  • 適合所有皮鞋類
  • 環保
  • 容量:100毫升

Nourishes and protects your waterproof, breathable leather footwear. All leather footwear should be regularly maintained, and Berghaus Conditioning Cream has been specially formulated just for this purpose.
Recommended for GORE-TEX and AQ full grain leather footwear, it gives a water repellent finish that won't impair the breathability of the boot.
Easily applied, it will penetrate deep into the leather uppers and help you get a longer life from your outdoor footwear.


  • Maximise waterproofing - nourishes your boots to improve the water protection and breathability.
  • Suitable for all footwear
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Capacity: 100ml