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男裝潑水保溫滑雪褲 Sesvenna 2 Durastretch M Pants

Ombre Blue

Salewa Sesvenna 2 DST 長褲專為在山區環境中進行高強度有氧活動時注重舒適度的男性登山運動員而設計。

• 防風的
• 具彈性
• 反光裝飾


它們採用 4 向彈性 Durastretch 面料製成,透氣、輕盈且舒適。 無論您是在崎嶇的地形上航行還是跳過巨石,該面料的高彈性纖維含量都能確保最大的靈活性和舒適度。 由於座椅和膝蓋後面有襯裡,因此採用 275 重的 Polarlite 羊毛,這款褲子還提供額外的保暖性和舒適性。

在設計方面,褲子採用反光細節,增強在低光源條件下的可視性,並採用彈性高腰帶,方便穿著。 直筒剪裁搭配符合人體工學的腰部設計,賦予其運動外觀。 角撐板結構和符合人體工學的預成型膝蓋提供最佳的舒適度和靈活性。 此外,褲子有兩個拉鍊口袋,可存放運動器材。

無論您是健行、健行、高山攀岩還是爬山,您都可以信賴並依賴 Salewa Sesvenna 2 DST 長褲。 其獨特的彈性布料混合使其成為登山運動的理想選擇。 它們防風、防水、透氣且耐用。

即使在滑雪登山和滑雪旅遊中,Sesvenna 2 Durastretch 長褲也是絕佳選擇。 這款褲子專為女性設計,防風、防水、透氣、耐磨。 它們由 Durastretch 面料製成,這是一種由尼龍纖維組成的專有技術材料。 該褲子重量輕且耐磨。

它們具有高彈性纖維含量,具有 4 向拉伸能力,提供卓越的運動自由度。 座椅和膝蓋後方襯有 275 重的 Polarlite 羊毛,增加溫暖和舒適度。 帶有角撐板的胯部和內置膝蓋彎曲可在高步時達到最大程度的關節活動。

這款褲子採用修身直筒剪裁,下擺處配有內部矽膠夾,確保緊密貼合。 踢腳貼片採用耐磨 CORDURA® 加固,提供額外保護,免受滑雪邊緣或冰爪的傷害。 這些褲子已榮獲獲獎項,是滑雪登山和滑雪旅遊的完美選擇,在岩石高山地形和挑戰性條件下提供出色的天氣保護。

The Salewa Sesvenna 2 DST Pants are specifically designed for male alpinists who prioritize comfort during high-intensity aerobic activities in mountainous environments.

‧ Windproof
‧ Stretch
‧ Reflective accents

These long pants are lightweight, water-repellent, and resistant to abrasion.

They are constructed using 4-way stretch Durastretch fabric, which is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable. The fabric's high elastane content ensures maximum mobility and comfort, whether you're navigating rugged terrain or leaping over boulders. The pants also provide extra warmth and comfort thanks to the lined seat and back of the knees, which feature 275-weight Polarlite fleece.

In terms of design, the pants feature reflective details for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions and an elastic high waistband for easy wearing. The straight fit with an ergonomic waist gives them an athletic look. The gusseted construction and ergonomic pre-shaped knees offer optimal comfort and mobility. Additionally, the pants have two zippered pockets with ample storage capacity for sports equipment.

Whether you're hiking, trekking, alpine climbing, or mountain climbing, you can trust and rely on the Salewa Sesvenna 2 DST Pants. Their unique blend of stretchy fabrics makes them ideal for mountaineering. They are wind-resistant, water-repellent, breathable, and durable.

Even in ski mountaineering and ski touring, the Sesvenna 2 Durastretch Pants are an excellent choice. Designed for women, these pants are wind-resistant, water-repellent, breathable, and hard-wearing. They are made from Durastretch fabric, a proprietary technical material composed of nylon fibers. The pants are lightweight and highly resistant to abrasion.

Featuring a high elastane content, they offer exceptional freedom of movement with their 4-way stretch capability. The seat and back of the knees are lined with 275-weight Polarlite fleece for added warmth and comfort. The gusseted crotch and built-in knee bend allow for maximum articulation during high steps.

The pants have a slim-cut, straight leg and inner silicon grippers at the hem to ensure a close fit. The kick patches are reinforced with abrasion-resistant CORDURA® to provide extra protection from ski edges or crampons. These pants have been recognized with awards and are the perfect choice for ski mountaineering and ski touring, offering excellent weather protection in rocky alpine terrain and challenging conditions.