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露營天幕 Wing L

Laurel Oak

德國設計的 Wechsel Wing 是輕量紙鳶型天幕,覆蓋範圍大。它可以與大多數帳篷結合使用,提供不受風雨影響的出入空間。 它也可以單獨設置為超輕型天幕保護。 加固的營繩環和帶有收緊鎖的營繩使Wing 非常穩定。


The Wing L is a universal shelter with a catenary cut. It can be combined with most tents to provide an entrance area protected from the elements. It can also be set up on its own as ultra light weather protection. Reinforced tie-out loops and cords with the tension locks make the wing very stable.

Size: 385 x 410 x 280 cm

Colours Oak
Weight 1,06 kg