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男裝防水透氣登山鞋 Star Lace 101 GTX M

Blue Navy
Size (mm)

韓國 TrekSta 的 Star 101 GTX 是輕便靈活的都市輕盈登山/跑步鞋,配有防水透氣 Gore-Tex 膜,可保持雙腳乾爽,同時輸送多餘的熱量和水分。 HyperGrip 堅固抓地的外底,在冰冷的地面上牢固抓握。

Star 101 GTX from TrekSta are light and flexible everyday shoes with waterproof Gore-Tex membrane to keep your feet dry and at the same time transport excess heat and moisture away. Sturdy outsole with secure grip on icy ground.

Specifications for Star Lace 101 GTX:
Outsole: HyperGrip
Lining: No
Outer material: Synthetic
Warm insulated: No
Membrane: Gore-Tex
Metal studs: No