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Randy Newberg Folder

無論是使用無內臟方法還是傳統的開腔方法,DTS 都能夠憑藉其巧妙的肌腱工具在多個麋鹿身上工作,從而保持主刀片的使用壽命。切割那些難以觸及的肌腱並將寰椎關節分開將不再是你的刀的惡夢。

‧ 超韌肌腱工具,用於在關節深處切割難以觸及的肌腱,分離寰椎關節,並切開張開在骨骼上的堅韌肌腱,而不會使主刀片變鈍
‧ 超大440C反曲主刀片提供出色的肉類加工
‧ 反光貼片在黑暗中易於定位
‧ 桶形結構,易於清潔
‧ 雙鋼製內膽結構,更耐用
‧ 靈巧設計

長度:8.9 英寸/22.6 厘米
重量:6.6 盎司/187 克

Whether using the gutless method or a traditional open cavity method, the DTS is more than capable of working through multiple elk with its clever tendon tool, preserving the life of the primary blade. Cutting those tough-to-get-to tendons and swedging the atlas joint apart will no longer be the demise of your knife.

‧ Extra tough tendon tool used to cut tough-to-reach tendons deep in joints, separate the atlas joint, and slice through tough tendons splayed on bone without dulling the primary blade
‧ Oversized 440C recurved primary blade provides excellent meat processing
‧ Retroreflective patch is easy to locate at dark
‧ Barrel construction enables easy cleaning
‧ Dual steel liner construction for enhanced durability
‧ Ambidextrous design

Length: 8.9 in / 22.6cm
Weight: 6.6 oz / 187 g