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Nubo Air L


豪華級地蓆,內置PUMP置於枕頭位置,方便充氣,PACKING SIZE 細但夠厚,無論鍾意豪華/保暖既客人都岩用

物料︰Polyester + Wool

The NUBO air mattresses by Wechsel are the worlds first mats with a wool filling. They are very light, well compressible and offer a comfortable sleeping place - even on long trips. To ensure that no moist air enters the interior of the mats, both models are equipped with an integrated hand / foot pump in the head section. A second valve ensures fast emptying. The layer construction as well as the non-slip and water-repellent base material of the mats ensure a high insulation. The soft sleeping pads, due to their wavy design, also compensate for greater ground unevenness and, due to their anatomically shaped head and foot part, offer a high level of comfort. The wool is of Australian origin and has been tested by the SGS Institute in accordance with the guidelines of the ITWO (International Wool Textile Organization).

Colours Grün
R-Value 3.7
Size (LxWxH) 198 x 63 x 9 cm
Weight 0,80 kg
Packing Size 27 x 13 cm