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瑞典越野跑背囊 Strive Ultra Light


Strive Ultra Light 是 Silva 最輕便、最纖薄的越野跑背心。 它是您進行快跑和比賽的最佳伴侶。 這款跑步背心由透氣輕便的網眼面料製成,可實現最佳通風和出色的排汗功能。 這款超薄跑步背包僅重 139 克,讓您自由奔跑!

‧重量輕! 這款跑步背包重量為 139 克(視尺寸而定)
‧易於取用的口袋 正面有 4 個口袋 - 側面和背面更多
‧由透氣網眼面料製成 最佳通風和排汗

重量:XS/S(139 克)、M(157 克)和 L/XL(178 克)

Strive Ultra Light is the most lightweight and slimmed down trail running vest from Silva. It’s your best companion for faster runs and races. This running vest is made of breathable and light mesh fabric for optimal ventilation and great sweat transportation. Run free with this super slim running backpack which only weighs 139 grams!

‧Low weight! This running backpack weight starts 139 grams (depending on size)
‧Comfortable fit Double sternum straps for a flexible and comfortable fit
‧Easy access pockets There are 4 pockets in the front – and more on the side and on the back
‧Made of breathable mesh fabric Optimal ventilation and sweat transportation
‧Safety details This running pack has a safety whistle and reflective prints for great visibility

Weight: XS/S (139 g), M (157 g) and L/XL (178 g)