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英國防盜錢包 RFID Protected Document Neck Pouch

一款方便小巧的 RFiD 旅行頸袋,配有可調式頸帶和皮帶環。 配有 2 個卡袋、4 個收納袋、一個筆環和鑰匙圈連接點,有足夠的空間存放您的重要旅行物品。 由防水布料和拉鍊製成,您的文件不會濺水和溢出。
可防止資訊透過鎳和銅塗層聚酯織物傳輸,從而保護內容物免受無線射頻識別 (RFiD) 閱讀器的影響,從而降低身分盜竊的風險。


‧RFID 保護
‧外部插袋(不受 RFiD 保護)
‧2 個卡位和 4 個暗袋


尺寸(包裝):155 x 120 x 20mm


A handy and compact RFiD travel neck pouch with an adjustable neck strap and belt loop included. Featuring 2 card pockets, 4 stash pockets, a pen loop and key fob attachment point, there's plenty of room for your important travel bits. Made from water resistant fabric and zip, your documents are safe from splashes and spills.

The travel neck pouch shields the contents from radio frequency identification (RFID) readers by stopping the information being transmitted through the nickel and copper coated polyester fabric, reducing the risk of identity theft.



‧RFID protected

Water resistant fabric and zip

External slip pocket (not RFID protected)

Belt loop attachment on rear

Neck cord with adjustment

2 card slots and 4 stash pockets

Pen loop and key fob attachment point


Dimensions (packed):155 x 120 x 20mm