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德國耐磨腰包 Hip Bag (Fanny Pack) L

Tatonka 大號腰包,容量 5 公升

Hip Bag L 採用不含 PFC 的表面處理。

• 軟墊靠背
• 可調式腰帶
‧ 提手
• 正面設有拉鍊隔層
• 主隔層設有內袋
• 鑰匙扣
• 一側有彈性材質口袋
• 不含 PFC/PFAS 的 DWR 表面處理

• 尺寸:32 x 19.5 x 12.5 厘米
• 容量:5公升
• 重量:220克
• 布料1:100D迷你蜂巢生態
• 布料2:420 HD尼龍FD Eco

Hip Bag L 具有寬敞的儲存空間,是極為實用的旅伴。 它對於徒步旅行或自行車旅行也很有用。



L 號腰包設有一個附插袋的大主隔層和一個實用的鑰匙圈。 帶拉鍊的前隔層可容納錢包或手機,彈性側袋非常適合放置水瓶。


Tatonka Hip Bag L with 5 liter volume

The Hip Bag L has a PFC-free finish.

‧ Padded back
‧ Adjustable hip belt
‧ Carrying handle
‧ Zip compartment on the front
‧ Main compartment with inside pockets
‧ Key holder
‧ One side pocket made of an elastic material
‧ PFC/PFAS-free DWR finish

‧ Measurements: 32 x 19,5 x 12,5 cm
‧ Volume: 5 l
‧ Weight: 220g
‧ Fabric 1: 100D Mini Honeycomb Eco
‧ Fabric 2: 420 HD Nylon FD Eco

The Hip Bag L with its extensive storage space is an extremely practical travel companion. It is also useful on hikes or bike tours.

Padded back and practical compartment layout

Thanks to the padded back, the large hip bag can be carried comfortably, and the adjustable hip belt is equipped with a sturdy buckle.

The Hip Bag L features a large main compartment with slip pockets and a practical key holder. The zippered front compartment offers space for wallet or cell phone, the elastic side pocket is perfect for a water bottle.