女裝越野跑鞋 Ultra 50 W

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Alloy/Black Out
Beet Red/Marine Blue
UK Size
Ultra 50 是一款緩衝良好的長跑鞋,最大的容量會讓你大吃一驚,較以往倍感舒適。

‧ 隱形鞋帶
‧ Pomoca 獨特滑行道鞋底
‧ Pomoca 外底
‧ 搖桿
‧ 無縫鞋舌
‧ 窄型鞋墊設計



Max. Volume

22+4 / 30+4 毫米(前掌/後跟)


舒適的 Ultra 50 女式跑鞋專為長距離越野跑而開發。 它在技術領域就像在柔軟的表面上一樣在家裡。 無限制地奔跑——無論身在何處,無論多遠。 在嚴苛的高山小徑上,您的雙腳需要一雙能夠提供全方位保護和穩固抓地力但又不會被任何不必要的東西壓垮的鞋子。 對於 40k 或更長的距離,您必須具有良好的緩沖和舒適的貼合性,以確保在到達終點線的整個過程中都能保持最佳性能。 Ultra 50 是重新定義您的極限的完美伴侶,無論地形如何——從第一步到最後一步,都能發揮您的最佳水平。 這款輕便的越野跑鞋具有出色的緩震性能和舒適的貼合性,讓您在長跑時倍感舒適。 Ultra 50 的 Pomoca 外底以其開放、霸氣的胎面脫穎而出。 這種胎面在乾燥表面和不利條件下都能提供最佳的抓地力和響應能力。 憑藉 8 毫米的落差和採用 Alpine Rocker 設計的外底,Ultra 50 即使在技術地形上也能實現動態跑步風格。 其 3D 網眼結構和無縫鞋舌確保您永遠不會受到鞋子的任何擠壓或壓力點。 最大的鞋體積可實現最佳的血液循環並對抗足部疲勞和腫脹。 敏感區域的鞋頭加固和 TPU 覆蓋層保護雙腳免受岩石地形衝擊的影響。 憑藉其傳統的鞋帶,這款鞋可以適應各種腳型,確保穩固抓握。 鞋帶可以藏在彈力蕾絲罩中,以避免絆倒和跌倒。 久經考驗的 DYNAFIT 腳跟預緊器為腳跟提供額外支撐。 Ultra 50 – 適合長跑的跑鞋,沒有限制。

The Ultra 50 is a well-cushioned, long-distance shoe
with maximum volume that will surprise you with its
immediate comfort.

‧ Invisible Lacing
‧ Pomoca Gliding Path
‧ Pomoca outsole
‧ Rocker
‧ Seamless tongue
‧ Narrow insole design



Max. Volume

Stack Height
22+4 / 30+4 mm (forefoot/heel)

When purchasing, it is recommended to buy shoes that are 1-1.5 sizes bigger than usual because of narrow insole design

The comfortable Ultra 50 running shoe for women was developed with long trail runs in mind. It is just at home on technical terrain as it is on soft surfaces. Run without limits – no matter where, no matter how far. On demanding alpine trails, your feet need a shoe that offers all-round protection and a sure grip but not weighed down by anything unneeded. For distances of 40k and longer, you must have good cushioning and a comfortable fit to guarantee top performance all the way to the finish line. The Ultra 50 is the perfect companion to newly define your limits and to tap into your best no matter what the terrain – from the first to the last step. This lightweight trail running shoe boasts outstanding cushioning and a comfy fit for great comfort on long runs. The Ultra 50’s Pomoca outsole stands out with its open, aggressive tread. This tread offers optimum grip and responsiveness both on dry surfaces as well as in adverse conditions. With a drop of 8 mm and an outsole with an Alpine Rocker design, the Ultra 50 enables a dynamic running style even on technical terrain. Its 3D mesh construction and a seamless tongue ensure you never get any pinching or pressure points from the shoe. A maximum shoe volume enables optimum blood circulation and counters foot fatigue and swelling. Toe box reinforcements and TPU overlays at sensitive areas protect the feet from the effect of impacts on rocky terrain. With its traditional lacing, the shoe can be adapted to fit every kind of foot shape for secure hold. Laces can be stashed on runs in the stretch lace cover to avoid trips and falls. The time-tested DYNAFIT Heel Preloader lends extra support at the heel. Ultra 50 – Your shoe for long runs, no limits.